About Us

Lettering, Sign Painting & Graphic Design studio

Based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Halfstudio is a Lettering and Sign Painting studio established by Mariana Branco and Emanuel Barreira in 2010, where all projects are hand drawn and could be painted with brushes or applied digitally.

The studio covers various creative fields always with the Lettering being the central element: from logo design, sign painting and signage, to murals. At the same time also explores the artistic side of the Lettering in exhibitions, limited printed editions and urban art.

Exhibitions & Festivals

Festival Iminente London by Vhils x Underdogs Gallery (2017, London, UK)
WOOL Festival (2017, Covilhã, Portugal)
Creative Jam 2017, Semana Criativa de Lisboa — Clube Criativos de Portugal (2017, Lisboa, Portugal)
Festival Iminente by Vhils x Underdogs Gallery (2016, Oeiras, Portugal)
Merc’art (2016, Lisboa, Portugal)
Rebuliço (2016, Abrunheira, Portugal)
Agitágueda (2016, Águeda, Portugal)
Letters are what matters ’16 (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal)
Kruella d’Enfer x Halfstudio at Village Underground Lisboa (2016, Lisbon, Portugal)
Experimenta Design ’15 (Lisbon, Portugal)
Letters are what matters ’15 (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal)
Got it wrong – solo exhibition (2015, Cosmo Galeria, Barcelona)
Backyard (2014, Lisbon, Portugal)
PVS Showcard Show (2014, Massachusetts, USA)
ICY Caps (2013, San Jose, USA)


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