a nossa casa somos nos

A nossa casa somos nós

ESTAU 2017

Anamorphic mural painted for ESTAU Festival at Estarreja (Portugal).

Our home is us (A nossa casa somos nós)
This mural is inspired by the book of Egas Moniz, entitled “A nossa casa” (Our home) written in 1950, dedicated to his wife and where the author describes his childhood and adolescence lived in Estarreja area. Egas Moniz shows in his book how the first years of his life were important in his development as a person.
We make the place where we live what it is, but this place also shapes our identity and makes us who we are. Wherever we are, we always have in us the inheritance of the place where we are born and grow.

Curatorship: Mistaker Maker
Photos: Halfstudio e Sara Pinheiro

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