Mariana Branco (b. 1986) and Emanuel Barreira (b. 1986) are the artists behind Halfstudio, a collective based in Portugal which develops projects in various creative fields always with lettering and sign painting as the central element.

Their visual language is characterized by three-dimensional letters and dynamic layouts, reflecting striking messages and vibrant colors.

Producing studio work as well as public art, their approach encapsulates contemporary themes and ideas and a careful preoccupation with surrounding communities.

The duo have been showcasing their work in exhibitions and street art festivals both in Portugal and internationally.


+351 916 527 498


Solo Shows

A JOURNEY — Underdogs Gallery (Lisbon, Portugal)
FLOATING VIBES — Crackids (Lisbon, Portugal)
WE STILL HAVE A DREAM — Underdogs Gallery (Lisbon, Portugal) sold out
FEEDELITY — Apaixonarte (Lisbon, Portugal)
Got it wrong — Cosmo Galeria (Barcelona, Spain)

Collective Shows

COLLECTIVE FLAGS INSTALLATION — Festival Iminente (Lisbon, Portugal)
ART ON SKATEBOARD — collective show, Festival Boreal (Islas Canarias, Spain)
GRAVE II – collective show (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal)
OI ART GALLERY– collective show (Oporto, Portugal)
SURF ART – collective show (Oeiras, Portugal)
GRAVE – collective show (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal)
EPHEMERAL ETHERNAL – NFT group show curated by ⁠Underdogs Gallery
COMMOTION – Installation for the European Council, curated by Vhils x Underdogs Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)
RIGHT NOW – online group exhibition curated by ⁠Underdogs Gallery
Divine Immunity — Collective exhibition, Apaixonarte (Lisbon, Portugal)
OXYGEN AUCTION — Collective exhibition, Apaixonarte (Lisbon, Portugal)
Street Art Indoor – Collective solidarity Auction, Associação Salvador (Lisbon, Portugal)
Prata da Casa – Collective exhibition (Lisbon, Portugal)
CAIS x Mistaker Maker – Collective exhibition (Lisbon, Portugal)
Winter is Coming — Collective show, Circus Network (Porto, Portugal)
BANDO Collective show — Pitoresco Festival Street Art (Vila Real, Portugal)
100 Dolla Bills Y’all— Circus Network (Porto, Portugal)
Lucky Art, Semana Criativa de Lisboa — CCP (Lisboa, Portugal)
Poster Mostra (Lisboa, Portugal)
Merc’art (Lisboa, Portugal)
Creative Jam 2017, Semana Criativa de Lisboa — CCP (Lisbon, Portugal)
Merc’art (Lisboa, Portugal)
Letters are what matters ’16 (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal)
Kruella d’Enfer x Halfstudio at Village Underground Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)
Experimenta Design ’15 (Lisbon, Portugal)
Letters are what matters ’15 (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal)
Backyard (Lisbon, Portugal)
PVS Showcard Show (Massachusetts, USA)
ICY Caps (San Jose, USA)

Public Artworks & Street Art Festivals

Art In Town, mural (Barreiro, Portugal)
PFFF Festival, mural (Stuttgart, Germany)
Writers Block, mural (Emmen, Netherlands)
Muro Critico, mural (Eljas, Spain)
MOSCAVIDE, temporary public art installation curated by Underdogs Gallery (Lisbon, Portugal)
Waterford Walls, mural (Waterford, Ireland)
Pitoresco, mural (Vila Real, Portugal)
CHACHA, basketball court at Centre Sportif Léo Lagrange (Paris, France)
Porsche Art Park, mural in Wynwood (Miami, USA)
Festival Iminente by Vhils x Underdogs Gallery, painted half pipe ramp (Lisbon, Portugal)
Conversas na Rua, mural (Amadora, Portugal)
POW! WOW! Rotterdam, mural (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Calle Libre Festival, mural (Vienna, Austria)
SPORTING, basketball court at Sporting Clube the Portugal Stadium (Lisbon, Portugal)
Urban Walls, immersive light installation in collaboration with Zane Prater and Jan Barcelo (Barcelona, Spain)
Fabric Festival, mural (Fall River, USA)
Fabric Festival, Poster paste up installation (Fall River, USA)
Oficina Iminente by Vhils x Underdogs Gallery, community workshop and mural (Lisbon,Portugal)
CHELAS CHICAGO, basketball court (Lisbon, Portugal)
LIVING FOR TODAY, mural (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal)
Konnections Festival, mural (Praia de Mira, Portugal)
Le MUR Oberkampf, mural (Paris, France)
Fazunchar, mural (Figueiró dos Vinhos, Portugal)
Move, mural (Figueira da Foz, Portugal)
BLUE SEA, mural curated by Walk&talk (Lagoa — Azores Islands, Portugal)
MAU – Mostra de Arte Urbana, mural (Quinta do Anjo, Portugal)
ASALTO Festival Internacional de Arte Urbano, mural (Zaragoza, Spain)
Tons de Primavera’ Street Art Festival, mural (Viseu, Portugal)
CONQUISTA O SONHO, mural for Federação Portuguesa de Futebol (Lisbon, Portugal)
UNIDOS PELA MÚSICA, mural for the Eurovision contest (Lisbon, Portugal)
Festival Iminente by Vhils x Underdogs Gallery, collective installation (Oeiras, Portugal)
ESTAU Estarreja Arte Urbana, mural (Estarreja, Portugal)
Festival Iminente London by Vhils x Underdogs Gallery, collective installation (London, UK)
WOOL Festival, mural (Covilhã, Portugal)
Festival Iminente by Vhils x Underdogs Gallery, container mural (Oeiras, Portugal)
Festival Rebuliço, mural (Abrunheira, Portugal)
Agitágueda, mural (Águeda, Portugal)

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