A Cesariny

A Cesariny

We were invited by Centro Português de Serigrafia to create a screen print to celebrate the centenary of Mário Cesariny (1923-2023).
“Ama como a estrada começa” is a one-line poem by the surrealist poet Mário Cesariny.

This artwork was inspired by what we feel when reading this poem, the idea of ​​a journey and the beginning of something intense and fervent love, which at the same time leads us to a feeling of uncertainty and the possibility that there are several open paths. This uncertainty is not necessarily a negative thing, but something that arouses curiosity and a desire to explore.

“A Cesariny”, 2023
Edition of /100 + 10 artist proof
Eleven colors plus one luminiscent ink on Fabriano Art Satin 300gr paper
50 × 70 cm

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