Prior to the painting of this playground Hypermur organized a writing workshop with the players of the Léo Lagrange basketball court.
Among the words they brought, the most important one for them is “CHACHA”. This is the nickname they give to the playground, and is the short for “Porte de Charenton”, the name of the close-by metro station. It was very important for them to give this name a central prominent place the artwork. As one of the players said, to them, the name “CHACHA” conveys the idea of family and hard competition.

Curated and produced by @hypermurrr for @paris_maville , @mairie12paris in association with @ffbb_officiel , Agence Nationale du Sport & Caisse d’Épargne to promote streetball and basketball in anticipation of the Olympics in @paris2024 .
Made with the participation of players, members of the Parisian streetball community, author @melanie_yvon and @maisondelapoesie

Located at Centre Sportif Léo Lagrange, Porte de Charenton in Paris

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