conquista o sonho

conquest the dream

The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) stimulated an urban and public art project, based on the “Conquest the Dream” movement, launched by FPF, to inspire and motivate the Portuguese to pursue what makes them happy and the National Team to conquer the next World Cup.
With our mural we wanted to emphasize that nobody is born hero and that with work and dedication it is possible to conquer the dream in the most diverse professional areas.

Promotor | Promoter: Seleções de Portugal 
Apoio logístico | Logistical support: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa + Galeria de Arte Urbana | GAU
Produção | Production: MISTAKER MAKER
Curadoria | Curatorship: Lara Seixo Rodrigues 
Gestor de Projecto | Project Manager: Duarte Cavalinhos 
Fotografia | Photography: Duarte Cavalinhos ​​​​​​​
Video | Video: Vasco Mendes
Lisboa, Portugal 2018

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