Festival iminente London ’17


Festival Iminente London 2017

Collaborative piece with Vhils, THE CAVER, Frederico Draw & Contra for Festival Iminente London by Vhils x Underdogs Gallery  at The Old Truman Brewery.

The concept behind our intervention is to keep good ideals alive and aware for the fact that hate doesn’t solve anything. Despite the current global political events people should keep together.

Pictures by José Pando Lucas

Peça colaborativa com Vhils, THE CAVER, Frederico Draw & Contra para o Festival Iminente London, com curadoria de Vhils x Underdogs Gallery, na The Old Truman Brewery.

Esta intervenção pretende reforçar a importância de mantermos os bons ideais vivos e alertar para o facto que o ódio não resolve nada. Independentemente da actual situação política mundial, devemos manter-nos unidos.

Fotografias de José Pando Lucas

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