Soidi i Sorti

Soidi i Sorti

Mural painted for Muro Critico in Eljas, Spain

SOIDI I SORTI means “health and good luck” in A Fala.
“A Fala” is the mother tongue of the inhabitants of Eljas, Valverde del Fresno and San Martín de Trevejo, three villages located in Jálama Valley in the far north-western corner of Extremadura in Spain which borders Portugal.
This language is a mix between Spanish and Portuguese, similar to Galician, and each of those three villages have it’s own variant of this language: Lagarteiru (Eljas), Manhegu (San Martín de Trevejo) and Valverdeiru (Valverde del Fresno).

Since most of the Eljas population are emigrants that left the village to work on bigger cities and on another countries near by (mainly Switzerland and France), SOIDI I SORTI is a real useful expression used to wish good luck and to greet anyone arriving or leaving the village.

We got inspired by the sound of SOIDI I SORTI, which when repeated feels like a pendulum. This is interesting because the use of this sentence by the locals is related to the idea of leaving the village to work or live outside, but they always return here (even if it’s just for holidays). So the lettering is half pointing to the entrance and half pointing to the exit of the village.
The graphic elements and patterns are inspired by the Eljas granitic rocks found on the walls and castle, and the olive leafs and fruits, the main source of income in this region.

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