Mural for Boom Boom La Villette in Paris

La Villette is located in the area where Europe’s largest slaughterhouse used to be. It was a place of death and suffering.
Since 1974, a huge transformation started to take place and La Villette become a modern cultural and recreational hub. It is now a place that has nature, art, science, community and music, offering to everyone a rich and diverse experience, bending together all the aspects that make our life more beautiful.
“The Beauty in All” aims to translate the idea that within the diverse and multifaceted aspects of the park and the experiences it offers, there is beauty to be found in all of them. It celebrates the coming together of different elements, activities and people, creating a beautiful and balanced whole.

In a wider concept, this piece suggests trying to find beauty or positivity in everything and everyone, regardless of their differences or flaws. It implies a perspective of appreciating the unique qualities and aspects of the world and
people around us, emphasizing a more inclusive and accepting view of beauty.

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