Solo exhibition at  @underdogs_gallery Capsule.
9 April to 22 May, 2021
(sold out)

Based on the reuse of discarded objects – handsaws, circular saws, paintings, a metal letter from a commercial sign, or light boxes, among others, recovered and primed in order to receive painted or printed works –, the set of pieces that gives shape to this entirely new body of works explores the idea of recovery, of giving a “second chance” – both to the very objects and, symbolically, to humanity itself in the present context.

According to the artists:
This last year showed all of us (humanity) that the process for turning us into better persons is still rather stunted – perhaps even in regression. Besides the uncertainty in which it plunged us, the huge challenges it imposed on us, 2020 was also a year in which we saw our freedoms being restricted, in which we were daily bombarded with false information and bad news on an unprecedented scale, in which we were faced with the upsurge in confrontations, extremism, intolerance, injustice. In opposition to this tide of negativism, “WE STILL HAVE A DREAM” is our proposal for an escape, however brief it may be. Because we believe that there is no way of overcoming the worst situations without love, without compassion, without hope, tolerance and courage. Because we believe that we still need to believe in each other, to keep on fighting for our ideals, to keep trying to the fullest to surround ourselves with positive energy, to keep on dreaming.

We believe that positivity, love, the words of hope and affection that give shape and colour to this exhibition are a starting point to improve that which needs to be improved. It is that positive energy that we seek to convey. It is this dream that we insist on nourishing.

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